What’s the catch?

This is a question we have been asked by every person we’ve spoken to about the GymCommerce solution. The honest answer… there really isn’t one, our solution is quite simple; and there lies our problem.

It’s easier to tell you what we won’t do

  • We don’t charge an up-front fee
  • We don’t charge a monthly membership fee
  • We won’t ask you to purchase a stock holding (even though your offering thousands of products!)
  • We won’t complicate agreements by making you use tracking codes, affiliate schemes, unique id’s and then only offer you a small percentage of the sale profits – that’s a one sided relationship!
  • We won’t keep your sale data – they are your customers not ours!
  • We won’t charge you for customising your store to make it look like your current brand
  • We won’t even charge to help you create a new brand if it’s you’re first venture into the world of health & fitness
  • We don’t believe in promoting our own brand on your store or making space for those sometimes annoying banner ads. It’s your store and a benefit to your customers so you’re the only one who gets promoted!
  • We won’t charge you for managing your online store – We’ve been training our team years to do and they’re quite good at it!
  • There’s no charge for artwork and the tools we provide to help you promote your store. In fact, we want to provide as many tools to help you make a success of your store as we can!
  • Importantly, we won’t make any money unless you do

However – there is something we will ask you to do

All we will ask you to do is promote your store as much as you feel comfortable with.

So, no catch, just a great mutual partnership!

For more information about the AskGym terms contact a member of the team on +44 (0)1926 477582 or email us at hello@askgym.co.uk.

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