What is the AskGym market place?

How the AskGym marketplace works


We will list your products
across all of our stores


We market your products to
our site owners & customers


Customers order products
through all of our stores


You’re notified by e-mail &
your Askgym control panel.
You simply pack & deliver
your item to the customer


Get paid. Your money is
deposited into your account
& you get notified via email
when it’s been sent!


Receive product performance
statistics & customer analytics
helping you make the most
from the AskGym network

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A captive health & fitness audience 

Promote your products through over 300 stores and engage with personal trainer’s, health clubs, spas, police forces & many more.

Selling through AskGym

When you sell online with AskGym your products get presented through online stores operated by a wide range of established fitness businesses.Reach hundreds of thousands of customers through their dedicated health & fitness stores. It’s easy for customers to find your products as AskGym provide a central marketing & promotion service, making their buying experience effortless.

AG - Tick BoxJoin an exclusive community

Sell through 300+ online stores and reach over 600,000 health & fitness consumers who have an active interest in your product range.

AG - Tick BoxLess market competition

Our store owners will only choose the best businesses to sell with us, making sure we retain the quality their customers expect.

AG - Tick BoxOver 300 stores nationwide

Including Health Clubs, Gyms, Spas, Training Academies, PT’s, local Authorities, Sports Teams, Athletes, Police Forces & many more.

AG - Tick Box1,000’s of fitness professionals

Working directly with training organisations; your brand will be put in-front of thousands of front-line health & fitness professionals.

AG - Tick BoxNo cost, low risk

List your product for free. Store owners work on a commission (cash-back) per sale. Visit Share Fare policy page for more information.

AG - Tick BoxIt really is this simple

AskGym is not an affiliate scheme or a discount/offer provider. You maintain control of your prices and offers to maximise your sales.

Share Fare Policy

You won’t pay any upfront fees, advertising costs or annual subscriptions to promote your products through the AskGym network.

Instead, we offer you unparalleled access to promote your products to health & fitness business owners and their customers. To view how our supplier Share Fare policy works click here.

If you have not been provided with a Share Fare policy password please speak to a member of the AskGym team on +44(0)1926 477582 or email hello@askgym.co.uk.

Sales, marketing & promotion

We understand that putting your products on a store and leaving it there won’t help anyone. Promote your brand to a wide audience using a range of tools, including:

  • Educate the network through the AskGym HUB
  • Provide artwork & banners for store owner use across social media
  • Place your in-front of fitness who champion your brand
  • Promote your product through ‘deal of the day’ & other, ongoing campaigns
  • Your brand will be included in weekly email marketing campaigns

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