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We can guarantee the transparency and simplicity of our service.

Q: How is cash-back calculated?

It’s pretty simple to calculate cash-back so here’s a basic run down.

First we get the prices right!

First your chosen distributor provides a cost price for their product. They want to work with front-line fitness businesses so their cost prices are very fair.

We’ll then work out a fair sale price – we carry our some careful market analysis, but importantly we listen to the feed back of the AskGym network.

Then we keep the costs low

When you sell the product our nifty report calculates the profit once we remove the suppliers cost. Then the running costs are removed.

We only remove the basic, low running costs of the sale, including SagePay or PayPal, packaging (only £1 per order) and the postage (Avg £3.75 per parcel).

 We mean low!

There are lots of things we don’t count as a cost such as, creative, development, marketingadministration & staffing of a multi-tenanted eCommerce solution.

The cost of this comes out of our share alone – that’s our motivation and promise to you! All costs and cash-back amounts can be found in the HUB.

Then we share – Fairly

Once the costs have been removed we’re left with the shared profit from the order. We share this 50/50

So, our promise is simple, you work with us and promote you own, custom store; we’ll manage the store, look after distribution and help your customers. Importantly we give you exactly half of the profits from every sale – simple.

Get out what you put in

Promote your new service & get more cash-back.

What happens at the end of the month?

Our sales month runs from the 29th until the 28th of the following month. We tally*, calculate and transfer your cash back within the first 10 days of the following month. For more information about AskGym cash-back stores call us on +44 (0)1926 477582 or email

*Every time a sale is made through your site you will receive an automated email to tell you what was sold. When we tally the numbers, it’s our quick way to let you know that your promotional activities are working!

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