Start selling health & fitness online!

You customers are fitness consumers. They purchase a wide range of goods before, during and after activities; which might include clothing, equipment, nutrition products and accessories.

You help your customers achieve their goals and they trust the facilities and service you provide. So, isn’t it about time you’re rewarded fairly for their health & fitness retail spending? 

Now you can get a slice of what’s rightfully yours!

GymCommerce offers you the ability to sell a wide range of retail products to your customers through your very own, custom store. You’ll earn cash-back from every sale made through your store! No gimmicks, affiliate schemes or traffic diversion – just one store, yours.



What is GymCommerce?

It’s a simple concept based on an open relationship and an un-matched, fair cash-back policy. We provide you with a shop and we share the profits straight down the middle (50/50).

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Start selling health & fitness online

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