Do you suffer from stock-image-syndrome

When creating your website you need to keep in mind that these days, it’s your first impression, some would say it’s a deal breaker! Often companies and people get over looked when a potential customer feels that the visited webmaster suffers from stock-image-syndrome.

Stock-image-syndrome can be quite debilitating. You can spot the effects of stock-image-syndrome quiet easily these days. For example, how often have you gone to a website for a product or service and see the same old stock images being used (the shaking hands business people, the gym goer running on the treadmill – not a hair out of place or a bead of sweat present!)

You might read the above and think “We/I suffer from stock-image-syndrome” or you might know a company who does. We feel privileged to inform you that there is a cure! The AskGym team have searched high and low to bring you the best, most cost effective (mostly free) ways to get fresh images for your personal or business use.

Copyright & Licenses

Many of the images found on the site are free from copyright license restrictions and can be used, changed and distributed without the need to request permission. Keep in mind that some of the images may require attribution; which basically means you need to acknowledge the originating author – for more information view the creative commons wiki post here. Make sure you carry out sufficient research when using free artwork.

Our top picks of free (and different) stock image resources

Remember it may take a little time and effort and a mixture of keywords to find what you’re looking for.

What are the alternatives?

We’ve only chosen a few of the many free stock photography sites available and remember photography is generally a personal preference. Simple search engine searches will uncover plenty more free stock images sites but make sure you read the sites terms & conditions and their attribution policies.

Do it yourself!

We work within the health & fitness industry. By default you’ll know hundreds of well industry enthusiast who would be willing to help create the perfect image for your website and promotional literature. All you need a semi-decent camera (SLR/Hi-Pixel) and a semi-artistic flair. One of those is easier to come by than the other!

Get the professionals in

Sometimes it’s easier to get professionals to carry out the work for you. Working with a professional photographer or a digital marketing agency will give you peace of mind that your needs will be catered and you can almost guarantee a happy final result. Professionals and agencies are businesses and will have their own pricing structure so make sure if you go down this route you research companies to find the best fit for you.

If you have visited a stock image site that hasn’t been listed above feel free to leave a URL below (in the comments box).

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