It’s no secret that many fitness professionals and companies are using social media before fully understanding how best to represent their brand with the right tone, content and messaging.

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks used by personal trainers to communicate with customers, potential customers and followers. Consider your Facebook page as a vehicle from which to communicate, promote, support and gain awareness for your brand/business. The account won’t create a brand or image for you, that’s up-to you.

When often asked “How do you use Facebook pages to get the best results” our answer is usually “by coming prepared”. For the best results you need to understand what you are marketing. We have a few suggestions that might help you streamline your Facebook pages for the better!

Come prepared:

If your using a logo/brand then make sure it fits perfectly to your profile picture size (180 x 180 pixels). You’ll need a cover image (851 x 315 pixels) that’s relevant and represents you. Most of all make sure you understand what your core goals are; wider awareness of your business, lead generation, driving traffic to your website… or your great cash-back store!

By understanding your core goals it will give you the ability to constant and effective campaigns.

How can we help?

We’ve created a weekly marketing pack with offers, vouchers and artwork. This will help when you let people know the latest deals on your store. Have you seen the latest marketing pack? Click here to view.

There’s also GymChatter – your feed of industry articles of all shapes and sizes in one easy stream. Pick ones you find appealing and start a conversation with your followers. Over the next few weeks we’ll keep you updated with hints and tips to help you make the most of your Facebook pages.

Here’s a few of our favourite Facebook page designs:

Facebook - G - Zinco Water Image

Facebook - G - Philips Cover Image

Facebook - G - Ford Mustang

How could we not like this one; in moderation…

Facebook - G - Cadburys Cover Image

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